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Brent Adamson is a world-renown researcher, author, presenter, trainer, and advisor to B2B commercial executives around the world.

Known as having the “biggest crystal ball in B2B sales,” Brent is the co-author of the best-selling, industry changing The Challenger Sale and The Challenger Customer. He is also a frequent contributor to well-known business publications, including the Harvard Business Review, featuring his recent articles, “Sensemaking for Sales” and “Traditional B2B Sales and Marketing Are Becoming Obsolete.”

Across the last 19 years, Brent has been privileged to work with some of the greatest thought leaders in B2B and B2C sales and marketing, building and leading exclusive communities of highly progressive commercial executives. Known as a world-class facilitator and speaker, Brent has presented to tens of thousands of commercial leaders both in-person and virtually all over the world, ranging from executive leadership teams to large keynote audiences.

June 25, 2022

Brent Adamson-Authentic Sellers as Sensemakers

Today's buyers are overwhelmed with an incredible amount of information. Confused, many of them stick with the status quo. Brent Adamson, co-author of The Challenger Sale, believes that a critical role of today's sales professional is sensemaking, helping buyers make …

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July 18, 2020

Brent Adamson-Challenger vs. Relational Selling

Research presented in The Challenger Sale found that challenger sales reps outsold relational sales reps. How does this relate to Selling From the Heart? Brent Adamson, the co-author of The Challenger Sale, joins us for a rich discussion about the …

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