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Be Fanatical About People Who Share Your Values with Keith Lubner

Welcome to the new format of the Selling from the Heart podcast with your hosts Darrell Amy and Larry Levine. Today, they feature Keith Lubner, Chief Business Strategist at Sales Gravy. Like Darrell and Larry, Keith is fanatical about developing relationships with people who share his values.

Keith also shares his insights on mastering the basics to weather any downturn and his thoughts on the number 1 skill sales professionals need in 2023 and beyond: time management. He also comments on radical consistency and showing up ready to genuinely help and create meaningful connections.


No matter the economic situation, the basics will make you win - Keith: "Get back to the basics because the basics always, always win. Look at all the sports teams out there, the ones that win championships. Every single one of them, they do the basics really well if you analyze it. Football teams, they're doing the blocking and tackling really well and they're not getting penalties. They're running the routes really well. The simple things. The basics."

Emotional and people discipline are essential to sell from the heart - Keith: "It's emotional discipline and it's people discipline. And they forget about those and what happens is you start running people over. And what you have to remember... it's a dual process in sales. You have to be outcome-focused and driven to put something to the pipeline but you also have to be relationship-focused as well."

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