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Build Authenticity Through the Thoughtful Consideration of Feedback with Sean Litvak

Welcome to the Selling from the Heart podcast with Darrell Amy and Larry Levine as they feature Sean Litvak, the bestselling author of Proverbs For Leadership. Today, Sean talks about putting the needs of the customer before a seller's need to close and coaching people to their strengths.

Sean also discusses the thoughtful consideration of feedback and how to give and receive feedback that is based on a desire to improve rather than prescribe to others what is right. He also coaches on self-sabotage, promoting a healthy lifestyle, removing what discourages, and keeping what encourages in your life.


Learn to like feedback to provide compassionate feedback yourself - Sean: "Over time, looking at feedback examples of my peers, looking at feedback examples in the Bible, looking at feedback examples in my personal life, I realized that I was missing the boat if I did not embrace feedback. And here's the punchline to it, allowing myself, changing myself to desire and like, dare I say, feedback, I became much better at giving people feedback in a more compassionate, kind way as opposed to just the facts, now go do it."

Eliminate what discourages you to remove self-sabotage - Sean: "There's various types of self-sabotage and I'll tell you the first thing that people need to do, in my opinion, is sit down and write down everything that they read, listen to, and watch, and after you have that list, and I don't go over this in the book but this is what I've done is made a list of it and then look at it and say, okay, what here encourages me and what discourages me?"

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