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Consultative Selling Lets Your Passion Flow with Dave Kurlan

Welcome back to another episode of the Selling from the Heart podcast with Darrell Amy and Larry Levine. Today, they feature sales performance expert Dave Kurlan, Founder of Objective Management Group, best-selling author, award-winning blogger, and columnist at Top Sales Magazine.

He shares that passion and a consultative approach differentiate sellers, and how qualifying sets apart the top 5% from the bottom 50% by a very wide margin. Dave emphasizes that relationship-building (and doing it well!) are the cures to commission breath and happy ears.

He talks about the other sales competencies as well, such as responsibility over your results, and gives tips to sales leaders about becoming better judges of character to become better hiring managers.


A consultative approach differentiates sellers today - Dave: "The ability to differentiate is front and center and differentiation come from their ability to take a consultative approach and consultative selling, whatever form of it you're using, but let's narrow it down to the ability to effectively listen and ask great questions. That is the lowest-scoring competency out of the 21 that we measure at Objective Management."

Sellers that take responsibility can be coached to become even better - Dave: "When they rationalize, there's nothing we can do as coaches and trainers and managers to make them any better because they haven't accepted that they need to be better. But if they use the thumb, they say it was me, it was my fault, I take responsibility, then we can start coaching. That's an invitation to ask 'so what could you have done differently?'"

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