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Know Your WHY to Sell to Like-Hearted Customers with Gary Sanchez

Welcome to the Selling from the Heart podcast with Darrell Amy and Larry Levine as they feature Dr. Gary Sanchez, an international speaker, author, a dentist for over 3 decades, and an inventor who discovered the 9 WHYs and developed the WHY Operating System (WHY.os).

He is known as Dr. WHY and he is the founder of the WHY Institute, who also developed the WHY Discovery Tool. He shares that knowing your why attracts the people you want to do business with because they believe what you believe too.

Gary discovered that there are just 9 WHYs that drive us, and if you find yours, then you can start connecting with people on that level, create trust, and you guessed it, sell from the heart. Find out more about the WHY.os and how you can start articulating your beliefs so your prospects will choose you!


Align your heart, head, and hands to sell authentically - Gary: "It goes back to some of the things we did in my dental practice, which we talked about; head, heart, and hands, right? If they're all in alignment, then it will feel right emotionally, it will feel right. But one of the things that are always important to me is the sequence. The sequence in that we think about things. So I wonder if the head, heart, and hands are in the right sequence. Should it be heart, head, or hands? If it feels right and then you know it's right, then you're going to do right."

Sell to people with the same beliefs, but know what you believe first - Gary: "I started talking about what we believe. When you start with I believe, that connects to the limbic brain of the other person. And then they can say “yeah, that's what I believe”. I'm in, Or No, that's what I don't believe, I'm out, which is also okay. Have you guys ever had a bad client? Yeah. And what is that like? How much fun is that? None at all. They don't believe what you believe, so that's why that's so valuable. And if you're in sales, being able to articulate what you believe is so powerful to attracting the right people to you."

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