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Tune in to the Frequency of Love and Create Connections That Last with Jon Gordon

Welcome back to another episode of the Selling from the Heart podcast with Darrell Amy and Larry Levine. Today, they feature bestselling author Jon Gordon, whose principles are utilized by Fortune 500 companies, athletes, and sales professionals all over the world.

Jon gives his insights on how selling from the heart means loving your clients and making a difference in their lives. He is convinced that to be great, you have to serve others and care more. And as love is the highest frequency, Jon explains how tuning in to love creates a connection with your customer that lasts a lifetime.

As for the science behind selling from the heart, Jon shares the wild research that shows that a powerful and vulnerable conversation between you and a client, or you and a trusted friend, synchronizes your heartbeats. He also advises sales leaders to transform their cultures of fear to alleviate the pervading loneliness in sales.


A powerful conversation synchronizes two hearts - Jon: "When you and I are having a really great conversation, like even right now, and we're having a powerful connection and you and maybe a client are sitting there, you and a friend are sitting there talking and you're being vulnerable, when that happens, research from HeartMath shows there's actually a synchronization that happens."

The difference between average and greatness is care - Jon: "The best athletes I work with, they care more about their craft, they care more about their team, they care more about getting better. The best salespeople care more about their clients, they care more about their product, they're passionate, they have purpose, and they're also on a mission. They're not just here to walk through the motions."

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