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Real and Actionable!!!

What I love most about this podcast is Larry and Darrell are all about teaching people to take action that leads to real results! They also know how to do it the right way, by leading with empathy, concern, support, solving problems, and going above and beyond for customers. Highly recommend subscribing to this podcast!!!

What a “REAL” conversation!

I’ve been a guest on many podcasts, and what I MOST appreciated about being on THIS show was the AUTHENTICITY of the conversation that we had. THANK YOU for SHARING from the heart about SELLING from the heart!

A world-changing movement

I appreciate so much that the wisdom unleashed in these interviews goes far beyond nice-sounding platitudes. The guests provide examples, stories, and proof that selling from the heart is a mindset that happily these podcast hosts are turning into a movement. As a proponent of the Heartspoken Life, it resonates with my belief that heart-centered living is not just just for our personal lives, but our professional lives as well. After months of enjoying the podcast as a listener, I was invited to be a guest. Larry Levine and Darrell Amy are outstanding hosts and professional interviewers. If you want to improve your sales mindset and technique, this is where you need to be.

Entertaining, insightful, and actionable! 🔥

It’s obvious that Darrell and Larry put extraordinary effort in covering salient sales topics AND finding guests that are truly authentic and care about being a positive force in the sales world - the insights they bring to bear are mindblowing every. single. time!

Only Listen to This if You Want to Be Better at Sales

The Selling from the Heart Podcast is one of my top listens! If you want to hear from the industry sales expert who knows what it means to be in the trenches and sell in today's complex marketing environment, this is a must-listen!

For like-hearted sales professionals

Every episode that I’ve listened to leaves me informed and inspired. I love the variety of guests, and the positivity and upbeat nature of the hosts. I had the pleasure of being a guest on the show, and I’m honored to be part of a movement of like-hearted sales professionals.

A world-changing movement

I appreciate so much that the wisdom unleashed in these interviews goes far beyond nice-sounding platitudes. The guests provide examples, stories, and proof that selling from the heart is a mindset that happily these podcast hosts are turning into a movement. As a proponent of the Heartspoken Life, it resonates with my belief that heart-centered living is not just just for our personal lives, but our professional lives as well.

Love this podcast

I have been a huge fan of Larry and Darrell for years and it was such an honor to be their guest. Sales is all about helping your customer achieve their goals. Selling from the Heart is the epitome of providing value and having the right mindset to serve others. These are two of the truly "good guys" in the sales profession. Smart. Experienced. With great hearts.

A show full of heart, soul and SALES!

Larry and Darrell are amazing on this podcast. They bring on amazing guests, keep it interesting and consistently share how to make more sales (with heart!!) I love this podcast!

Fantastic resource

The hosts are very approachable and fun. The topics are always interesting and they bring on guests who work hard to add real value. There’s always a nugget in every episode, something you can take away and implement immediately to help your in your career and life. This is one of my very favorite podcasts.

Best Podcast Hosts

These guys are entertaining, down to earth and engage in great topics.

Great Hosts, Great Insights, Great Show!

I so much enjoyed being on the Selling from the Heart Podcast. Darrel and Larry were brilliant in their questions and incisive in their comments. This is a great show with consistently good content on a much, much needed topic. I would add the words Great Guests to my tittle above, but that would sound a little (a lot?) self-serving : ) Other than yours truly, the guests are great too!

The hardest thing to do is the right thing

Selling from the heart and with all the intensity he seemingly the best possible approached us to sales. Then why is it so hard? People lose themselves in the pressure, the commissions, and the grind. Larry makes absolutely no effort to conceal why you can and will fill in the long term I trying to take shortcuts and not actually build a relationship pipeline. If you wanna learn how to sell from the heart to this podcast is for you!

Amazing Show, AMAZING Hosts

Love listening to Larry and Darrell, as their true, and genuine CARE for people shines through. Can’t get enough of their great insights, great guests and authentic focus on what sales should be all about. Keep up the great work, and looking forward to future episodes!

Love the show

I'm been a fan of the show since episode 21 and was honored to be a guest in January 2021. Larry and Darrell are great hosts. Are fun, ask great questions and make their guests shine. Learned a ton from these guys.

A needed and unique take on sales

What a different and important take on selling. This show exhibits that sales is an “inside-out” game rather than “outside-in.” People who follow the latter mindset become empty suits who can make some coin in the short term, but who are not successful at sustainable sales over the course of a fulfilling career. Selling from the Heart is a must-listen!

I so enjoy your podcast & especially the one with Tia Graham!(:

Thank you so much Larry and Darrel with sharing your amazing Podcasts! I truly enjoyed this one especially because my goal is to bring happiness with me wherever I go and share kindness with others. How neat that Tia founded Arrive at Happy and is a certified Happiness Coach!(:

Thanks for getting my head straight

I love listening to you guys bring home the importance of building relationships before going for the sale. Listening, I realized I have a tone of commission breath in my initial which unfortunately I have proven turns the prospect off and usually opens the door for them to identify an out or reason to end our conversation and relationship for that matter. Relationships are king, understanding and partnering with prospects to solve problems, improve and grow are what fuels me. No longer will I look for a “no” to find a sale by sheer numbers but rather focus on building relationships to bring value and help one another.

Love this podcast!!!

I was delighted to be a guest on Larry's selling from the heart podcast and it's one of the best I've ever been a part of. My whole platform is about how we use our voices to communicate more powerfully and they were the most gracious enthusiastic hosts asking and engaging in a wondeful way. He and Daryl his cohost are so passionate about sharing the heart of what it means to sell and they bring so much postive energy and joy, it's contagious! If you're in sales or even if you just want a pick me up for your day, listen to this podcast!

Talking About Competitors

Enjoyed this discussion with Larry and Darrell. Great questions, great discussion!


Amazing Hosts. Amazing Show. Amazing impact! Selling from the Heart is more than just a Podcast, it;s a movement!


Relevant, genuine, authentic. Worth every second of every episode.

Getting the right results the right way

Genuine people and a genuine approach. Larry and Darrell host helpful conversations about selling and the sales process in ways that show respect for buyers as people - not as means to ends. If you want to win the right way, this is a good place to start.

The traditional sales process is broken.

Larry and Darrell do a great job of discussing what it means to be authentic and to better mankind through value added products and services we offer.

Seeling from the Heart and the Challenger Sale

I was looking forward to this Podcast given the perceived notion of what a challenger sales professional is and given that in Brent's book he rates The Challenger above the Relationship Builder. I was buckled in for what was sure to be a passionate debate. You guys did a great job of aligning the two and did not disappoint with the passion and enthusiasm of the session. I continue to go back to The Challenger Sale and Selling from the Heart regularly. Thanks guys, I'm going to listen to this Podcast again, but not before I have a few coffees in the system! Thanks!

So full of value!

Every episode is so genuine and refreshing. More relevant now more than ever!


Brilliant guests with brilliant conversations, where rubber meets the road and the journey begins in the heart of every sales professional!

Unique insights and thoughtful guests

Relatively new to the podcast and the more I work through prior episodes, I’m continually impressed with the caliber of guests and relevance of content. Looking forward to more insights from sales pros that are aligned philosophically.

Really enjoying this podcast

I've listened to just about every sales podcast out there and love what these guys are doing at Selling From The Heart. They have a lot of fun on the issue, but make sure to get real when talking about the challenges we experience as salespeople today. Definitely tune in if you're looking for authentic content to help you grow your sales pipeline.


Larry Levine and Darrel Amy bring a fun spin on selling each and every week! This week they challenged the true professionals to write out and publish their “backstory”. I can’t wait to take on this task and just added it to my to-do list. Get off your commission pedestal, ditch the empty suit and sell from the heart!