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Great tips for becoming a Top Rep

From his book to his podcast....they gave insightful information on what you need to do to become a better salesperson.

Perfect for multitasking

Earning mileage, growing my talent, and moving relationships forward. Valuable information to hone my craft while using road time wisely!


Avoid being an empty suit by listening and develop yourself

Selling from the Heart

I personally met Larry Levine in August. Since that day I have listened to the podcast by him and Darell and read Larry book Selling from the Heart. Let me tell you since I have been hooked. I’m a tenured 16 year copier/printer rep who needs to change. The book and podcast really bring a dose of reality and remind you about getting back to the basics and building a better you! I am still in the process of adopting his ideas and currently using them to improve my social selling skills but I’m loving it. If you haven’t listened or checked out Larry’s book do it now. It is eye opening and will get you motivated to be better. Micah Booth

Great sales podcast for any stage in your Selling career

I have been listening to Darrell and Larry for a few months, and love the no nonsense approach to how we as sales people can be better in front of our customers. Putting the human approach front and center instead of just focusing on the latest selling approach. Worth your time since each podcast is typically about 30 minutes. I especially enjoyed the talk with Tom Hopkins as he was one of the first people I listened to when starting out in sales.

Use your heart

Follow this content to establish a strong base of serving your customers which will be easily recognized by your customers

Spot on - Finally something that speaks to me

I'm this type of sales professional. I don't want to sell. I want to help and this podcast is all about that. Solving others problems. So good.