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Love Your Team Then Success Follows with Helen Fanucci

Welcome back to another episode of the Selling from the Heart podcast with Darrell Amy and Larry Levine. Today, they feature Helen Fanucci, an MIT-trained engineer who manages teams responsible for billions of dollars in quota. She developed the Love Your Team system of sales management, as well as wrote a book, and hosts a podcast with the same name.

Helen shares how to love your team and your customer and why this is the superior business choice. Sales nowadays emphasize relationships and loving the people you work with builds the trust that these relationships need to thrive. With hybrid working being the norm, Helen also talks about creating connections virtually and how to retain your top talent.


Loving your team translates to superior business results - Helen: "This is not a kumbaya thing either because it's also about delivering business results. And I found over the years that if I'm supporting my team and loving my team, I deliver superior results versus just business, business, business. You know, what have you done for me lately, that doesn't cut it and it's demotivating."

3/4 of the quota is the financial cost of losing your top seller - Helen: "Day one of the fiscal year, your top seller leaves. Let's say, for round numbers, they have a million-dollar quota. So it takes three months to replace them, that's 250K of quota not attained. It takes another six months for them to get up to full speed, and that is if that replacement seller works out. And if not, you're back to square one. So that's kind of the fast math in terms of thinking about, okay, it is a crucial skill for managers to be able to retain talent."

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