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Start Small, Take an Action and Watch It Grow with Ancil Lea

Welcome back to another episode of the Selling from the Heart podcast with Darrell Amy and Larry Levine. Today, they feature Ancil Lea, a healthcare software technology industry veteran of over 35 years who has helped startups gain market share with his relationships and strategies.

He is the author of Common Grounds 2, the latest in a series, and he talks about achieving monumental things by making the first step. He highlights how being authentic is the correct way to sell and shares how a coffee shop is the best backdrop for creating lasting relationships.


Curiosity, care, and comfort are business secrets - Larry: "When you bring curiosity to the forefront when you show that you care, there's a level of comfort that starts to happen. And when that level of comfort starts to happen, I firmly believe that's when people start opening up. And I often refer to these as business secrets. When you bring curiosity, and when you bring care and you bring comfort just watch what starts to happen to the amounts of information you start to learn."

Start small by taking an action towards your goal - Ancil: "Starting small is, you know, everyone wants to do something big. But how do you get there? You really get there by making one small step. It's just taking action, doing something."

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