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Sept. 18, 2021

Todd Caponi-The History of Trust and Sales

What can we learn from history? Are there things we've lost along the way? Todd Caponi, host of the Sales History Podcast and author of The Transparency Sale. Join us for an entertaining and provocative discussion. He shares what he's …

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Sept. 11, 2021

Lee Salz-How To Sell Different

The number one question sales professionals must answer every day is, "What makes you different?" How do you answer this question? Our friend, Lee Salz, shares powerful ideas from his new book, Sell Different: All New Sales Differentiation Strategies to …

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Sept. 4, 2021

Ethan Beute & Steve Pacinelli-Human Centered Communication

If you want to up your sales game, you're going to love getting a first look at the new book, Human Centered Communication: A Business Case Against Digital Pollution. Our friends, Ethan Beute and Steve Pacinelli have put together a …

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Aug. 28, 2021

Dan Jourdan-Unstoppable Enthusiasm

Get ready to be inspired! Today we're joined by The Sales Energizer himself, Dan Jourdan. We discuss the power of unfaltering honesty. Dan shares strategies to transfer energy and enthusiasm to our prospects and clients. You're going to love his …

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Aug. 21, 2021

Laura Brandao-How To Show Gratitude To Your Clients

If you want to build trusting relationships with your clients and prospects show gratitude. Our friend Laura Brandao shares creative strategies she uses to say thank you to her clients. You're going to love this conversation shared from the 2021 …

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Aug. 14, 2021

Dave Sanderson-Authenticity Wins!

Authenticity gives you the competitive edge. To coach us in how to develop authenticity, we’re happy to share this conversation with our friend and coach, Dave Sanderson. From his experience as a sales professional at Oracle, to surviving the Miracle …

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Aug. 7, 2021

Jeremy Miner-Overcoming Skepticism

We live in a post-trust world where buyers are more skeptical than ever. Jeremy Miner, the founder, and Chairman of 7th Level Communications helps companies close more sales in less time by learning how to communicate to today’s cautious, skeptical …

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July 31, 2021

Francois Lupien-The Transfer of Feeling

What could happen if you were able to more effectively transfer feelings to your prospects and clients? Today’s guest, Francois Lupien, coaches us on how to build relational bridges. We’ll explore how we can cast a vision for a positive …

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July 24, 2021

Dr. David Stuckenberg-Negotiation of Trust

Do you have your customer's best interests at heart? Buyers can smell insincerity. Trust is the ballgame and today's guest, Dr. David Stuckenberg coaches us on how to build trust. Not only did he begin in sales, but his career …

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July 17, 2021

Darren Reinke-Becoming a Savage Leader

If you want to develop authenticity and remove barriers that are holding you back, you're going to love this conversation with our friend, Darren Reinke. He's the author of The Savage Leader, 13 Principles To Become a Better Leader From …

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July 10, 2021

Ryan Blair-How To Become a Sales Rock Star

How do you set yourself up to become a sales rock star? One of Larry's coaches and mentors, Ryan Blair, joins us to talk about what it takes to be at the top of your game. Ryan went from being …

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July 3, 2021

Tom Hopkins-Showing Gratitude To Your Clients

The master of sales himself, Tom Hopkins, shares strategies that he uses to show appreciation to his clients. Join us for this practical and inspirational discussion originally recorded during the 2021 Client Appreciation Challenge.

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June 26, 2021

Austin Hatch-Developing GRIT

Sales professionals regularly encounter adversity, consistently requiring grit to stay in the game. Today's guest, Austin Hatch, shares the strategy he used to thrive in extreme adversity. Following a tragic story of two plane crashes, he developed grit to rebound …

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June 19, 2021

Outbound 2021 Key Take Aways

Join us for a special episode live from the Outbound 2021 Conference in Atlanta. You'll discover our key takeaways from the conference as we enter the next phase of sales. Learn key takeaways from Jeb Blount, Jeb Blount Jr., Anthony …

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June 12, 2021

Brian Sexton-How To Become an Intentional Encourager

What could it look like if you become more intentional about encouraging others as a sales professional? Our good friend, Brian Sexton, author of People Buy From People, believes that intentional encouragement is the key to both success and fulfillment …

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June 5, 2021

April Shprintz-Creating a Culture of Generosity

How do we create a culture of generosity with our clients? There is no one better to answer this question than our friend, April Shprintz. She’s the author of Magic Blue Rocks, The Secret To Doing Anything, and the creator …

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May 29, 2021

Ian Koniak-Finding Happiness and Fulfillment as a High Achieving Rep

What happens when you hardwire your performance to your sense of self-worth? Ian Koniak has been a top performer throughout his career. Despite being a top achiever, he never felt happy or fulfilled. This led to a life of anxiety …

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May 22, 2021

Jeb Blount Jr.-Building Confidence as a New Rep

How do you build confidence in the early days of your sales career? Jeb Blount Jr. shares stories from his journey as he builds his career. Whether you are new to sales or a seasoned veteran, you're going to enjoy …

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May 15, 2021

Mary Kelly- Self-Leadership and Sales Success

Living our best potential as sales professionals requires focus and self-leadership. To coach us on the skills of self-leadership, we've invited Dr. Mary Kelly to join us today. She is the author of several fantastic books including the Five Minute …

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May 8, 2021

Meridith Elliott Powell-How Sales Professionals Can Thrive in Uncerta…

This is a time of uncertainty. In this episode, Meridith Elliott Powell, author of Thrive: Strategies to Turn Uncertainty Into Competitive Advantage. She coaches us on how to be successful in this dynamic marketplace. She believes that success comes down …

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May 5, 2021

Bonus Episode: The 2021 Client Appreciation Challenge

Larry Levine and Darrell Amy share their vision for the exciting 2021 Client Appreciation Challenge. During the week of May 17-21 we'll gather at 12pm EST | 9am PST to be inspired and equipped to say "thank you" to our …

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May 1, 2021

Tom Hopkins-The Fundamentals of Authentic Sales Success

This week we're joined by sales master and Selling From the Heart Champion, Tom Hopkins to discuss the fundamentals of authentic sales success. This is a powerful conversation with one of the masters. You're absolutely going to love it!

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April 24, 2021

Bob Burg-Be an Authentic Go-Giver

Authenticity is the key to success in today's low trust marketplace. Today, we're in for a treat with our guest, Bob Burg He's the author of many great sales books including The Go-Giver. He coaches us on the law of …

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April 17, 2021

Erin Hatzikostas-You Do You(ish)

What's it like to be a buyer? Former corporate executive, Erin Hatzikostas, opens the curtain to share her experiences working with sales reps. She's the author of You Do You(ish), Unleash Your Authentic Superpowers to Get The Career You Desire. …

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